Become a Developer Without Putting Your Life on Hold

Fit to Your Experience

Start with the basics of web development and continue with more advanced workshops until interview time.

100% Online

Bi-weekly remote pair programming, small-group sessions coupled with continous code feedback.

Expert Teachers

Learn programming skills from experts who have both educational and entrepreneurial successes.

From The Basics to Professional, 100% Online

We believe that learning to code shouldn't mean struggling alone, putting your life on hold, or paying a fortune. We know — over the past two years, we've helped train over a hundred beginners to be full-time, professional software engineers.

We've taken everything we know about teaching beginners and distilled it into a series of three, 100% online workshops run by expert teachers. Whether you're looking to change careers, learn the basics, or shore up your professional knowledge, we've built something for you.

The CodeUnion Team

The Workshops

Each individual web development workshop lasts 8 weeks, costs $3,000, and requires a minimum Commitment of 20 hours/week from our students. Payment plans are available.

I. Fundamentals of Web Development

We designed this workshop for busy professionals and aspiring developers who want to learn how to code, build basic web applications & prototypes, and work more effectively with engineering teams.

You'll learn the building blocks of web software, including computer networking, HTTP, object-oriented software design, database architecture, HTML & CSS, and the DOM.


Ideal For

  • Students & Aspiring Developers
  • Designers & Product Managers
  • Marketers & Entrepreneurs

What You'll Learn

  • Ruby & JavaScript
  • HTML, CSS, and the DOM
  • Basic SQL

Cost & Commitment

  • 8 weeks
  • 20 hours/week (minimum)
  • $3,000 (this workshop only)

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II. Rails, TDD, and Professional Engineering

This workshop dives deep into the professional aspects of software development, with an emphasis on group projects, teamwork, automated testing & TDD, maintainability, and other skills one traditionally learns on the job.

We'll use Ruby and Rails as our core framework.


Ideal For

  • Intermediate Students
  • Self-taught Developers

What You'll Learn

  • Advanced Rails
  • Automated testing & TDD

Cost & Commitment

  • 8 weeks
  • 20 hours/week (minimum)
  • $3,000 (this workshop only)

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III. Topics in Computer Science

This workshop covers core topics in pure computer science, with an emphasis on data structures and analysis of algorithms. You'll learn all about lists, trees, graphs, and the algorithms associated with them.

The workshop is still hands-on, so expect to be implementing these data structures and algorithms by hand. We'll implement each structure in multiple languages, to see how different languages make it easier or harder to express certain computational ideas.


Ideal For

  • Advanced Students
  • Self-taught Developers

What You'll Learn

  • Essential data structures
  • Analysis of algorithms

Cost & Commitment

  • 8 weeks
  • 20 hours/week (minimum)
  • $3,000 (this workshop only)

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SQL Deep-Dive & Metrics

We designed this workshop for professionals who want to dive deep into SQL, the language that powers relational databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. We assume no prior knowledge, but be warned — we're going deep into SQL-land!

By the end, students will be able to translate product, operational, and marketing questions directly into SQL. In addition, we'll cover the basic principles of statistics, analytics, and data science so that students can ask better questions and meaningfully interpret the answers.


Ideal For

  • Engineers w/ basic SQL know-how
  • Marketers and PMs
  • Founders and entrepreneurs

What You'll Learn

  • SQL — lots!
  • Basic statistics and analytics
  • Designing meaningful metrics

Cost & Commitment

  • 4 weeks
  • 10-15 hours/week (minimum)
  • $1,500 (this workshop only)

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The Teachers

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Jesse Farmer <[email protected]>

Jesse grew up in rural Michigan, where he spent years struggling to teach himself how to program. That experience inspired him to co-found Dev Bootcamp in 2012 with Shereef Bishay and Dave Hoover, where he was responsible for curriculum design and baking delicious cheesecakes. Seriously. They were really good.

Prior to Dev Bootcamp, Jesse was CTO of Everlane, an online fashion retailer.

Students imagine that programming came easily to me and that I've never had to struggle with being confused or frustrated. That's totally untrue!

John Davison <[email protected]>

After having checked into 65+ countries, learned three foreign langauges, traversed the back roads of both China and Afghanistan and raced on an Italian triathlon team, John finally fell in love with making web software.

Not a programmer by background, John participated in Dev Bootcamp as Jesse's student Summer of 2012.

I'm like an over-caffeinated honey-badger who codes, rides bikes and really likes to teach people fun stuff.


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Who should apply?

We built Code Union because we believe that all people regardless of background, lifestyle or current global location should have the ability to efficiently and enjoyably learn to code, learn to make software and improve the world through technology.

If you are a passionate Designer, Product Manager, Entrepreneur, Novice Programmer or Concerned Person and you want to gain insight into the building blocks of web software, data science and design, then you should apply.

What are workshops?

Workshops run from 4-9 weeks, use a mix of structured learning sessions, personalized feedback on code using git/email/gist/hangouts, small group projects.

Workshop topics run the gamut from the fundamentals of web development, to SQL (structured query language), design for engineers and the relationship between data and decisions.

When do workshops meet?

Workshops will be offered every six to nine weeks depending on the duration of the topic. Workshop sessions are taught in groups of 4 people and the schedule of these sessions are chosen by the groups themselves.

How/Where do workshops meet?

All workshops meet remotely and use different tools of our choosing to create a real-time, remote pair-programming learning environment. We are 'experts' at understanding how remote pair programming tools work.

Imagine 5 people in different locations coding on one shared code-base with one shared development environment, one shared learning feedback loop.

Who are the teachers?

Jesse Farmer, S.B., Mathematics, University of Chicago 2006, co-founder and CTO of, co-founder of Dev Bootcamp, Board Member Mission Bit. A concerned educator with great concern for learning and highly successful track record of both operational engineering and educational excellence.

John Davison, MBA, prior US Navy Officer, world traveler, previously non-technical business hustler who fell in love with making stuff. Heavily focused on helping beginners make the seemingly tough transition into web software development.

Who are the other students in a workshop?

We evaluate students on characteristics encompassing (but not limited to), technical proficiency in a given topic, interpersonal communication style, motivation, professional & personal goals, life outlook, taste in ice cream and pour-over coffee.

We strive to select students who will have a high likelihood of learning a ton and creating a dynamic, stimulating, challenging environment for other students to work with. We want to make sure everyone has a great experience and that we will be able to exceed people's goals, all the while living in the 'smile zone'.

How to apply to a workshop?


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  • Phil photo

    Phil Aquilina (Software Engineer, Hipmunk)

    When I met Jesse, I was pretty overwhelmed by his depth and breadth of programming knowledge. I quickly discovered how silly I was being — here was a guy who was excited to give it all to me. Jesse once spent about four hours getting me to understand OAuth. I just wasn’t getting it, and through all my stumbling, he was patiently waiting to pick me up, and get me moving again. Jesse’s talent in taking programming concepts, which can be very abstract and nebulous things, and giving you solid ground to stand on and the momentum you need to keep moving on your own is unique. As someone who’s mentored before, I know just how hard this is to be good at, and Jesse is amazing. He’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, and I feel lucky to have been his student. @phil303
  • Ramon

    Ramon Porter

    John’s ability to reach into his student’s level of understanding and bring them step-by-step towards proficiency is unparalleled. His emotional quotient sets a patient and positive tone for every session we’ve shared. He is a genuine person and I consider it a privilege to learn from him. @sirramongabriel
Jesse's Testimonials
John's Testimonials
  • Jeff photo

    Jeff Smith (UX/UI Engineer, GoPro)

    Jesse was one of the core people who taught me how to code, and it was his patience and sheer passion for teaching that played no small part in my crossing the threshold from tinkerer to full-stack dev. He has an uncanny ability to work on a high level, say crafting entire curriculums, while still excelling at one-on-one teaching. He's one of the sharpest guys I know yet he can bring even the headiest topics down to Earth. @jeffpersonified
  • Ryan photo

    Ryan Urabe (CTO/Co-Founder, Brandfolder)

    Jesse is a superstar programmer, but is probably a better teacher. Not only did he take the time to walk me through complex topics when I got stuck, he's continued to help as I've developed my career. He's a font of not only technical knowledge, but also how that technology interacts with business as a technical founder. I'm really fortunate to have met someone so giving with their time and knowledge early in my career. @ryanurabe
  • Mike riess photo

    Mike Riess (Software Engineer, Climate Corporation)

    I'm convinced Jesse could teach anyone anything- the knowledge base he draws from is so expansive that he can make any concept accessible. As a student at Dev Bootcamp, his guidance inspired me to stretch my limits. He drove me to discover answers for myself rather than giving me a solution, and he taught me what it means and what it takes to truly 'get' a concept. Especially as a beginner, his ability to turn a frustrating problem into an exciting exploration was both motivational and fulfilling. @mhriess
  • Patrick photo

    Patrick Cushing (Founder, Workhands)

    Jesse is infinitely smart, a great communicator, and has all the requisite field experience to make him a good teacher. It's the amount that he truly cares -- staying late, teaching topics outside the curriculum -- that make him a great teacher. If Jesse were teaching Swahili, I'd recommend him without any knowledge of his Swahili. If he's teaching you to code, I'd HIGHLY recommend him. @pcushing
  • Mike casey photo

    Mike Casey (Engineer Associate, JPMorgan Chase)

    Jesse greatly inspired my leap into coding. He re-taught me "how to learn", which was a combination of refined problem solving and the momentum to push my knowledge further than I ever thought possible. He is an incredibly patient and empathetic teacher. When asking a question, he’ll make sure you fully understand the concept rather than simply providing the answer. Jesse has the unique ability to take your most difficult programming or mathematical concept and break it down, step by step, giving you the confidence to tackle future challenges you normally would avoid. He made me realize that by not seeking out new and complex problems everyday, that I was missing out on an incredible learning opportunity. If you seek a learning experience that transcends your immediate questions, Jesse will inspire and change your life. Mike Casey
  • Alyssa

    Alyssa Ravasio (CEO/Founder, Hipcamp)

    John gave me hope that learning how to code was something I could do, and do quickly! Three months after being inspired by John and getting into Dev Bootcamp, I emerged as a web dev and founded to help people discover awesome campsites and get outside. John helped steer me on this path and it has changed my life! @alyraz
  • Stewart

    Stewart McCoy (Product Designer,

    Working with John quickly got me up to speed with the intricacies of Ruby on Rails. He directly enabled me to build footysuby ( John's teaching style really helped me grasp and retain the fundamental of Rails in a very short time. I highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to build prototypes or learn how to learn about software engineering. @stewartmccoy
  • Taariq

    Taariq Lewis (Founder, Bitcoin Business)

    John Davison has the depth of knowledge that enabled me to learn Ruby on Rails within a month. John's patience and organization made learning Ruby and Rails a snap and I would absolutely encourage anyone seeking to understand software development to learn from him. @taariqlewis